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The benefits of exfoliation

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<transcy>The benefits of exfoliation</transcy>
The skin cells are renewed about every month, but several factors such as age, tobacco or a poor lifestyle, alter this process. It is therefore important to give our skin a boost through regular exfoliation!
Discover the benefits of this restful beauty gesture!
Peeling, exfoliation, sandblasting, etc. These are all exfoliation techniques that allow deep cleansing of the skin. The benefits are manifold and are visible regardless of your skin type.

Benefits of exfoliation for the face

  1. In addition to clogging the pores, the dead cells dry out and dull the skin. It must therefore be rid of all the impurities that prevent it from breathing and functioning normally. Pimples and blackheads decrease as you regularly exfoliate the skin.
  2. Its stimulating action on micro circulation promotes cell regeneration. This allows the skin to better protect itself from external aggressions.
  3. The scrub also helps reduce the overproduction of sebum on oily skin, while combination skin is matified thanks to the abrasive action targeted on the T zone (forehead-nose-lip contour). For sensitive skin, a gentle exfoliation strengthens their resistance to desquamation due to climatic shocks.
Result : your complexion is luminous, the skin is clearer and smoother. But above all, exfoliation contributes to better health of the epidermis: well cleaned, it is more receptive to moisturizing treatments.

The different types of exfoliation

There are 3 types of exfoliation: mechanical, physical and chemical.
  1. Mechanical exfoliation consists of using an accessory to gently rub the skin (brush, pumice stone).
  2. Physical exfoliation is the application of treatments containing abrasive particles (grains, salts…) which dislodge impurities. Its main advantage is that it is easier to measure the amount of product depending on the desired effect and the thickness of each area.
  3. Chemical exfoliation dissolves dead cells thanks to certain active ingredients (fruit acids, salicylic acid, urea) without having to rub. Some products combine chemical and physical exfoliation.

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